Getting shoppers where they want to be is serious business for a retailer serving millions of customers in its stores annually. Debenhams’ multi-level people low systems ensure that both its customers and revenues keep lowing.


Leading UK department store Debenhams relies on KONE to keep its transit equipment in working order. A trusted partnership covering maintenance, modernization and new equipment guarantees a relaxing, one-stop shopping experience for the thousands of customers that pass through its doors daily. The history of Debenhams dates back to 1778, and today it is one of the UK’s premier department stores in high-end fashion and beauty retail. At the heart of its success lies the ability to provide stress-free shopping in all 172 of its stores. Working behind the scenes to keep everything functioning is KONE, a partner for Debenhams since 1998. KONE is entrusted with the task of servicing and modernizing the entire chain’s escalator, elevator and back-of-store equipment under an on-going national framework agreement in 2007.

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Building facts

  • Modernization and maintenance: ongoing
  • Facilities maintained: 172 retail stores in the UK and Ireland
  • Building owner: Debenhams

KONE solutions

Modernization equipment for 172 retail stores in the UK and Ireland:

  • 675 elevators
  • 630 escalators
  • 60 dock levelers
  • 55 scissors elevators
  • 77 compactors
  • New equipment includes KONE MonoSpace® elevators and KONE TravelMaster™ escalators
  • KONE E-Link™ monitoring system
  • KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

Debenhams Department Stores

  • To plan and maintain uninterrupted movement of people and goods through 172 department stores across the UK and Ireland
  • To upgrade all Debenhams people l ow systems in line with consistent nationwide standards as cost-efficiently as possible
  • To help the customer honor a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint
  • A proactive and tailor-made maintenance solution for the entire Debenhams equipment portfolio minimizes downtime and maximizes transit efficiency
  • A dedicated support system in the modernization and replacement of elevators, escalators and back-of-house units
  • All new units come equipped with advanced energy-efficient solutions

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