In a district where the sky-high rents are only beaten by New York’s Fifth Avenue, even the elevators need to have a luxurious touch. So when KONE supplied three glass elevators to Lee Garden One, which houses a high-end mall and top quality offices in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay, design was paramount.


Lee Gardens is a premium destination offering first-class business and retail facilities. As a magnet for exciting fashion, lifestyle products, hospitality and dining, as well as Grade A offices, its flagship building Lee Garden One represents the heartbeat of Hong Kong and is designed with great panache. So when this glamorous building underwent a renovation, it was time to get stylish elevators that matched the elegant décor. KONE experts were called in to work with the customer in equipping the lobby with high quality elevators. “Almost all the metallic parts – the light, the fly wheel, the car top, and all the moving parts – had to be covered by cladding made of bronze-colored stainless steel, and our hoisting machine was also painted white to suit the surrounding design,” says Simon Cheung, KONE’s senior project manager, involved in the Lee Garden One project. “The big challenge was time. The building’s owner, Hysan Development, wanted to complete the renovation in a timely fashion to minimize the impact on the offices and retailers.” At Lee Garden One, Hysan’s design team wished for a tailor-made solution with both the interior and exterior of the elevator seamlessly matching the rest of the mall and office interiors. KONE coordinated with architects Wong & Ouyang, interior designer MMoser and contractors Hsin Cheong Interiors to make this happen. “The new elevators inside Lee Garden One are truly spectacular, one-of-a-kind elevators,” Cheung says. “To ensure the lifts would truly be a unique experience, we coordinated closely with the project’s interior designer for the decoration inside the elevator shaft as well as inside the car because some elements of the car were custom made for these special scenic elevators.”

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Building facts

  • Completed: 2015
  • No. of Elevator Landings: Three
  • Architect: Wong & Ouyang (HK) Ltd.
  • Building owner: Hysan Development Limited
  • Developer: Hysan Development Limited
  • Contractor: Hsin Cheong Interiors (Hong Kong) Ltd.

KONE solutions

  • 3 KONE MonoSpace® Special elevators
  • KONE Care™ Maintenance Service

Lee Garden One

  • KONE was asked to deliver a tailor-made elevator with a unique design that would appeal to customers in one of the highest-profile commercial districts in the world
  • The project had to be delivered at a rapid speed
  • KONE delivered a tailor-made KONE MonoSpace Special elevator which improved the people flow
  • KONE worked with architects, interior designers and luxury component suppliers
  • KONE saved time by drawing on experience from similar projects in Hong Kong
  • The customer, Hysan Development, sent its project manager to all meetings, enabling rapid cost decisions

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