Saint Petersburg makes sound waves with one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated concert halls, the long-awaited Mariinsky II.


Hailed as Russia’s most ambitious cultural venture since the time of the Czars, the USD 700 million venue opened in 2013 with a star-studded gala featuring renowned tenor Placido Domingo. Located on the legendary Theater Square and connected via a pedestrian bridge across the Kryukov Canal to the original Mariinsky Theater – built for Czar Alexander II’s wife Maria in 1860 – the new facility provides a high-tech home for opera, ballet and symphony concerts. The glass-and-limestone edifice was designed by Canadian architect Jack Diamond to complement St. Petersburg’s distinctive 19th century architecture. But inside is where the magic really happens. Seating 2,000 at full capacity, the concert hall features advanced acoustic design and sophisticated technological capabilities enabling the opera house to stage modern productions only dreamed of in the original Mariinsky. KONE played an active role in designing the people flow logistics of the ten-story complex and its backstage facilities. Every unit of equipment was custom-designed to offer the best solution for every need, be it moving crowds, performers or stage sets.

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Building facts

  • Completed: 2013
  • Floors: 7 + 3 underground
  • Total floor area: 79,114 sqm
  • Seating capacity: 2,000
  • Building owner: Mariinsky Theater
  • Developer: Ministry of Culture, North-West Construction Headquarters
  • Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects & KB ViPS
  • Contractor: OJSC General Construction Corporation

KONE solutions

  • 24 KONE MonoSpace® elevators
  • 2 KONE ECO3000® escalators
  • KONE E-Link™ monitoring system

Mariinsky II

  • To provide solutions for the smooth and silent movement of people, goods, props and scenery
  • To respond flexibly to numerous changes in the building design, schedule and contractor teams
  • Custom-designed elevators accommodate large stage sets and move performers behind the scenes
  • A shaft-in-shaft solution and isolated brackets reduce noise and vibration from equipment near the stage
  • KONE collaborated flexibly with changing teams of contractors to ensure a timely handover

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