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With fast-paced urbanization, some people are turning to technology to meet the growing demand. Could robots help?

From city cleaning services to supermarket deliveries, essential services play a key role in making our cities more pleasant and healthier places to be. Innovations such as on-demand delivery robots and autonomous vehicles can help us live sustainably and provide real value to city residents.

In this episode, we explore the ways robots are making a difference.

Taking the load off essential workers

Robotise, a Germany-based start-up, is on a mission to introduce service robots into people's everyday lives. We spoke to CEO Oliver Stahl about how their robot Jeeves can help with day-to-day tasks in hotels, offices, and hospitals.

“Demand on staff is enormous, especially now during times of corona. A typical nurse walks on average 6 to 8 miles. Some of those tasks can be easily taken over by Jeeves.” –Oliver Stahl, CEO at Robotise

Jeeves acts as a workplace assistant by transporting goods up to the last meter. Oliver explains how this gives essential workers like medical professionals some time back, helping them to concentrate on the more important jobs.

Your friendly neighborhood robot

Forum Virium has been finding out what it would take to create a suburb where people and robots co-exist. One apartment building in particular has been causing quite a stir; its residents are serviced by delivery robots that courier groceries to their door. We spoke to Kaisa Spilling, Development Manager at Forum Virium, about the project.

“It was very well received by the residents. They were happy. The whistling and chatting robot was greeted with smiles by the residents and also the passers-by.” –Kaisa Spilling, Development Manager at Forum Virium

Kaisa believes smooth mobility and last-mile delivery solutions could change our lives in ways we can’t even imagine. With technology developing fast, Kaisa highlights how important it is to embed the smart in future buildings.

The personal assistant that loves to clean

Instead of putting extra pressure on our hard-working cleaning professionals, Gaussian Robotics’ floor cleaning robots help cleaners meet higher cleaning standards while reducing their exposure to the virus – and their Ecobots have already covered 50 million square meters of the Earth.

“It’s the coworker every cleaner would like to work with, and a dream to deliver the best performance a human can do.” –Crystal Hu, Marketing Manager at Gaussian Robotics

Crystal Hu, Marketing Manager at Gaussian Robotics, says it’s no longer a surprise to see a robot in the everyday environment. She explains how they want their robots to become an important part of smart buildings, and to integrate with other IoT-enabled facilities such as KONE DX Class elevators.

Connected Cities: The Robot Helper – KONE Corporation

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