Amsterdam is renowned for its artistic heritage, and is now reinventing itself by transforming older buildings into iconic structures. A’DAM illustrates the city’s fine balance of fusion and technology.


The new name A’DAM is the abbreviation of Amsterdam and also stands for ‘Amsterdam Dance and Music,’ which reflects the business of the owners and main tenants. It has become a major tourist destination containing top-notch bars, restaurants, offices, a hotel and of course the wildly popular spectacular observation deck. Originally a mono-functional office tower for 350 employees, A’DAM is a multi-functional building now, visited by around 3,000 people each day, nearly 10 times the number it was originally designed for. In order to handle these capacities, the developers decided to completely modernize the elevator management and destination control systems. A task for which they turned to KONE.

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Building facts

  • Building size: 22 floors
  • Developers/Owners: Lingotto, Sander Groet, Duncan Stutterheim, and Hans Brouwer
  • 3000 daily visitors
  • Holds Europe's highest swing

KONE solutions

  • KONE MiniSpace™ elevator
  • KONE MonoSpace® elevators
  • KONE Destination control system
  • KONE E-Link™ monitoring system
  • KONE Access™
  • KONE automatic building doors with fire resistance capabilities



  • Handle a ten-fold increase in visitors.
  • Provide an access control system to handle an extremely complex people flow originating from the three firms in the building.
  • Provide non-standard, creative and innovative designs for the elevators.


  • Installation of additional elevators to handle increased people flow.
  • Integration of KONE solutions to minimize unnecessary stops.
  • Customized elevator design and décor to meet client specifications.
  • Installation of light and audio systems to complement elevator designs.

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