Smart building solutions

With KONE Residential Flow, digital key management is easy. You can say goodbye to struggling with doors or keys and missing important announcements or deliveries and hello to smart living. Our smart building solutions simplify residential flow and allow you to enjoy the convenience of a smart home.


Smart home

Digital key management provides safe, easy access to your smart home.

  • Unlock and open your building’s main door automatically
  • Travel to your home floor without touching a single button
  • Keep everything secure with digital keys that can be quickly deactivated remotely

Remote access

Residential flow and smart building solutions allow you to welcome visitors remotely.

  • Greet visitors via your home intercom or smartphone
  • Grant access at the touch of a button, wherever you are


Smart living means getting access to the right information at the right time.

  • View important building announcements on your smartphone
  • Check the weather forecast or public transport timetables on media screens

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Benefits for you

For those who build it

Developer, Have the smartest building on the block

  • Meet and exceed the needs of your customers with up-to-date technology
  • Intuitive stylish and modern visible elements
  • Equipping your building with smart technology is an investment to the future

Architect, Smart technology compliments your design

  • Optimize the people flow and future proof your building
  • One point of contact and expert help for the whole people flow planning process
  • Stylish and modern devices

Builder, One stop shop with one point of contact for your people flow solutions

  • KONE provides a professional project manager
  • Expert planning services
  • Cost saving opportunity on intercom home unit installation

For those who live in it


Residents, Seamless and smooth access - everyday

  • You just walk in - your building door will open, and the lift is called
  • Never miss a delivery again - use your smartphone to greet people and grant access to the building
  • Never miss an important building announcement, stay up-to-date via your smart phone and media screen
  • Your smartphone becomes your key - have everything in one device - both access and information

For those who maintain it

FM, Save time and improve information flow Easily share information remotely from a device which is convenient to you:

  • Share building-related updates with residents
  • Update residents’ names on intercoms
  • Assign keys with digital key management Owner, Boost the value of your investment
  • Your property stands out as the smartest building on the block
  • Ease of use for you - or if you are renting, for your tenant
  • Save both time and money with easy digital key management

What does KONE Residential Flow include?

Arrive in style

Like a virtual valet, we open your garage door.

Stay informed on the go

Choose push messages, info screens, or both.

Open the door to a new level of convenience

Like a virtual concierge, we open your doors for you.

Stay in the know

Media screens provide important information from your facility manager.

No more unnecessary waiting

The elevator will arrive at just the right time to take you to your home floor.

Open doors remotely

Greet and grant access to delivery personnel and other visitors from your smartphone.

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Download the brochure

Download the brochure

Find out more about how KONE Residential Flow can make homecomings simpler.

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