Beijing Daxing International Airport, China 

Viewed from the air, the first thing that anyone notices about the Beijing Daxing airport is its unique appearance. Designed to look like a mythical phoenix bird in flight, the building was inspired by traditional Chinese architecture and blends classical and modern elements. Being Beijing’s second-largest airport, it is capable of accommodating 45 million passengers by 2021 and 100 million with planned expansions. The efficient radial structure aims to allow passengers to reach the flight gates from entering the building in 30 minutes maximum, and from the building’s central core in 8 minutes.


  • Location: Daxing district, Beijing, China
  • Building opened: 2019
  • Size: 700,000 square meters
  • Building type: Transport hub
  • Annual visitors: 45 million by 2021
  • Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects, ADP Ingeniérie, Lead8
  • Contractor: Beijing Urban Construction Group Co. Ltd 
  • Management: Capital Airport Management Co. Ltd


  • Provide reliable smooth people flow for millions of passengers
  • Keep to a tight building schedule
  • Take into account the location of the airport in an active seismic zone
  • Provide quick troubleshooting and maintenance


  • Work alongside customer right from the start of the project
  • Enable real-time monitoring of equipment usage and performance, locally and remotely
  • Tailor-made seismic support design for the escalators

KONE Solutions

  • 174 KONE™ TravelMaster escalators
  • KONE E-Link™ monitoring system
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