Nanjing Metro Line 4, China

On any given day, escalators at just two of the interchange hub stations along Nanjing Metro Line 4 move an incredible 210,000 people. And on any given day, KONE technicians are there to help make their journeys through the stations smooth and safe. While this happens in the background, commuters along Line 4 are sure to notice the cultural murals featured along this east-west line of the Jiangsu Province capital.


  • Year of completion: 2017
  • Length: 33.8 kilometers
  • Daily passenger flow 2019: 210,000
  • Stations along this route: 18
  • Owner: Nanjing Metro Operation Co. Ltd.
  • Developer: Nanjing Metro Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Architect: China Railway Si Yuan Survey and Design Group Co., Ltd.


  • Build new stations to meet full capacity and the latest regulations
  • Preserve historic and cultural relics associated with the construction site of the new metro line
  • Provide a safe and reliable people flow experience for passengers at stations


  • Elevators and escalators that enhance safety and efficiency and meet the latest regulations
  • Maintenance with on-site availability within 15 minutes


  • 72 KONE TransitMaster™ 140 escalators
  • 41 KONE MonoSpace® S elevators
  • 9 KONE MiniSpace™ elevators
  • KONE Care™ maintenance solution + on-site technicians available within 15 minutes of call-out
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Nanjing Metro Line 4, China

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