Why modernize with KONE?

Door renewal is a good investment

Door modernization improves door safety, reliability, accessibility, and visual appearance, while also lowering energy costs.

Door safety for building users

Working with us improves door safety and door security while enhancing accessibilty and comfort for the lifetime of your building.

A hassel-free installation process

Our professionally managed door modernization process minimizes disturbance to tenants and visitors.

Door modernization process


Comprehensive expert planning advice and easy-to-use online design tools


Strict quality criteria, maximum site safety, and professional project management


Quality assurance with handover, excellent spare part availability, preventive KONE Care™ maintenance solutions for superb reliability

Benefits of building door modernization

Door renewal improves performance

Reliable, efficient, and continuous operation ensures smooth people flow in your building and door renewal is a great way to improve performance.

Increase door safety

Building door modernization helps to ensure doors are accessible while improving door safety and door security for all users. Door renewal can also reduce repair costs.

Visual appearance

Doors are one of the first things people see when entering your building and door modernization ensures your building makes a good impression.


Doors can also have a considerable impact on energy efficiency. Door modernizaton can reduce heating and cooling costs by renewing weather seals and ensuring proper operation.