KONE Elevator Interior Designs

KONE Elevator Renovation for Digitally Enabled People Flow

In an increasingly digitalized world, elevator renovation allows you to keep up by adding connectivity to your elevator. With modular modernization, you can make your elevator smarter and more desirable with new people flow management and value-adding services from KONE and our partners.

KONE modernization is ideal if the overall condition of your elevator is still functional, but updating things like the elevator control system and the hoisting unit would significantly improve its performance. Upgrading an existing car elevator by updating the elevator control system optimizes people flow and operational efficiency, while elevator renovation makes sure your property is ready to take advantage of future smart-building technologies.

Modular Modernization

Upgrade the elevator control system with elevator renovation and improve user experience with real-time information on the go and other smart building applications. Modular modernization is a great way to make everyday elevator access more convenient while improving accessibility and availability.

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Plan For Success With Kone as Your Partner

We are an experienced partner for smart buildings, helping you to manage the building equipment efficiently and use the holistic view of the building, the people flow, and the insights on end-user behavior to continuously optimize the people flow and improve the end-user experience.

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Significant Improvements With Modular Modernization Solutions



Updating your elevator’s destination control system, and the electrification system will improve its reliability, eco-efficiency, safety, and accessibility. Our quick-to-install modular modernization solutions will have your elevator system back up and running in the shortest possible time. Elevator renovation can also add connectivity that makes your elevator smarter and more desirable – helping you to get more value out of every square meter with new services enabled by the KONE digital platform and KONE Partner Ecosystem.



Modular modernization allows you to focus on upgrading the elevator hoist unit. The hoisting unit is the part of your elevator that does most of the hard work, so upgrading worn, outdated elevator machinery is vital to maintain safety and ride comfort. As part of your elevator renovation, you can also update the elevator control panel to maximize the benefits of modular modernization while opening the door to a wide range of elevator connectivity options from the KONE digital platform and the KONE Partner ecosystem.



Elevator renovation allows you to upgrade your elevator’s car interior with new signalization, new wall and door materials and finishes, media screens, and much more.



Adding a new automatic door to your elevator with modular modernization improves safety while our lightweight KONE automatic doors maximize space inside the elevator car and are smooth and quiet.