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Automatic Doors for All Types of Buildings

We are an automatic door company with safe, eco-friendly, and flexible automatic door control systems. We offer solutions for hotel doors, hospital doors, and office doors.

World-Class Building Services

We offer services and support for every step of your project. From building design planning to construction, all KONE automatic doors are supported by a wide range of services.

Door Solutions

Product Description Segment
KONE Revolving Doors Our automatic revolving doors will enhance your building’s look and feel, cut average energy consumption, improve people flow management, and increase convenience. Residential buildings, offices, transit centers, hotels, retail centers, and medical facilities.
KONE Automatic Sliding Doors Suitable for a variety of buildings, our automatic sliding doors are compact, durable, and quick and easy to install. Residential buildings, offices, medical facilities, retail centers, transit centers, and hotels.
KONE Swing Door Operators Suitable for a variety of buildings, our swing door operators meet all international user safety standards. Residential buildings, offices, medical facilities, retail centers, transit centers, and hotels.
KONE Hermetic Doors Ideal for hygiene-critical environments like operating theaters, laboratories, and other clean-room areas. Medical facilities, cleanrooms, laboratories, theaters, recording studios, research centers, and inspection rooms in transit centers.
KONE Gliding Doors Ideal for environments where space efficiency, noise reduction, and user accessibility are important factors. Offices, medical facilities, hotels, lounges in transit centers, and residential buildings.
KONE turnstiles Suitable for a variety of buildings, our turnstile systems increase security and improve guidance and convenience. Offices, transit centers, hotels, and medical facilities.
KONE Sectional Overhead Doors Ensure efficient goods flow into and out of warehouses, logistics centers, showrooms, and retail and industrial premises. Commercial centers, industrial facilities, hospital and hotel loading areas, private garages in residential buildings, and office parking.
KONE High-Speed Doors Improve goods flow and minimize energy costs in environments such as logistics centers, food processing and distribution facilities, and vehicle storage areas. Loading docks and emergency entrances in hospitals, depots in transit centers, warehouses, and chill and freeze rooms in retail centers and hotels.
KONE Roller Shutters and Grilles For high and wide door openings in a variety of environments, as well as a perfect solution when you need good building ventilation and theft protection Residential buildings, offices, medical facilities, retail centers, transit centers, and hotels.

Why Are Automatic Doors Important?



There are a number of different options for improving the safety of automatic door systems, including:

  • Emergency opening – bungee cords, redundant motors, and door controls, as well as breakout options, ensure that automatic doors remain operational in emergency situations

  • Door battery backup – single operation or multiple cycles ensure egress in line with local regulations

  • Door contact sensors and detectors – dynamic and static solutions that protect people, goods, and vehicles

  • Photocells – stop automatic doors from closing if people or goods are obstructing the leaves or panels

  • Safety screen – a mechanical door safety device that prevents people or objects from being struck by a moving panel for automatic doors



Our automatic electric doors can also be integrated with building automation and control systems for even greater convenience, better security, and improved safety. For example, many solutions can be easily integrated into our door automation systems.