KONE Automatic Sliding Doors

Residential and Commercial Sliding Doors

A KONE automatic sliding door system is built for heavy use. Our automatic sliding doors are suitable for a wide range of building types – we can create a sliding door plan for offices, residential buildings, retail environments, and transit centers. KONE electric sliding doors can also be customized and enhanced with a variety of building security and safety options.

Door Specifications

  • Segment: Residential buildings, offices, medical facilities, retail and transit centers, hotels

  • Height: Range 2100 mm - 3200 mm

  • Width: Range 700 mm - 3000 mm

  • Weight: Max. single sliding door 1x 200 kg, double sliding door 2x 160 kg

  • Operation: Manual or automatic sliding doors

  • Operator: KONE UniDrive®

Door Features and Options

  • Insulated and non-insulated profile door systems

  • Single and double sliding, and telescopic sliding doors

  • Available with three or six leaves

  • Wide variety of building safety options, including manual door switches, motion sensors, pocket screens, and access control integration

  • Escape route, fire safe, burglar resistant, radiation protection, and energy efficient door options

KONE Tools & Downloads

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