KONE Sectional Overhead Doors

Industrial sectional doors

Our durable and space-efficient automatic sectional doors ensure efficient goods flow into and out of commercial buildings, and our commercial sectional doors can be customized with a variety of door finishes, colors, and window options. We also offer insulated sectional doors. Existing sectional doors can be easily modernized with our universal KONE UniPower™ solution, and we also offer full door replacement options. We also offer the KONE sectional high-speed roll-up door, which opens up to six times faster than conventional overhead sectional doors, making it ideal for high-traffic industrial environments where time-saving is critical. Our sectional doors comply with EN 13241-1, EN 12453-1, and EN 12604.

Door Specifications

  • Segment: commercial centers, industrial facilities, hospital, and hotel loading areas

  • Height: min. 2250 mm, max. 6000 mm

  • Width: min. 2000 mm, max. 10000 mm

  • Operation: automatic building doors

Door Features & Options

  • Wide range of door finishes, colors, and window options

  • Choice of two different door panel widths

  • Microprofiled panel structure for enhanced energy efficiency

  • Energy-saving option. Insulated sectional doors are available.

  • Pass-door option for easy personnel access control systems

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