Impactful elevator lighting solutions

Create just the right ambience with stunning new elevator lighting designs. As well as being a necessity inside an elevator car, lighting is also a versatile design element that complements the user experience by helping you create the ambience you’re looking for.


KONE DX Class lighting solutions

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Diffused and direct lighting

Simple yet effective, this type of lighting provides smooth and even illumination that’s as practical as it is attractive. Our lighting offering includes Red Dot award winning lighting solutions.

KONE DX Class lighting solutions

Indirect lighting

When you want to create a subtle look and a cozy, comforting mood, indirect lighting is the perfect choice. The contrast of lighter zones with soft shadow is ideal for enhancing all kinds of elevator interior designs. Indirect lighting is also ideal for environments such as hospitals, where it may be necessary to avoid the use of direct lighting in specific elevators.

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KONE DX Class lighting solutions

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Focused lighting

Add an eye-catching splash of color with focused lighting, which combines a white LED spotlight with a colored cone to create crisp, clear illumination that acts as a compelling design element.

KONE DX Class lighting solutions

Mixed lighting

Combine direct and indirect lighting effects to give your elevator car interior a creative, high-end look and feel. Mixed lighting gives you the opportunity to balance light, shadow, and color to stunning effect.

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KONE DX Class lighting solutions


Smart lighting

Paint walls with light to create just the right mood. A blank canvas to create a constantly evolving, multi-sensory elevator experience with adaptive colors and lighting to change the game when it comes to what's possible inside an elevator car.