Every detail counts

For passengers, a cruise ship is an escape: an indulgent diversion from daily stress and routine. For those creating the experience, it is a demanding task to ensure the elements of the ship’s interior match the ship’s overall aesthetics from aft to bow


The Celebrity Eclipse, launched in 2010, is the third in a series of Solstice class ships in Royal Caribbean’s Celebrity Cruise fleet. The Solstice class boasts magnificent architecture and design combined with advanced technology. Scott Butler of Wilson Butler Architects designed the eight panoramic elevators to naturally serve the main vertical people flow function of the ship. He also designed the elevators to serve as miniature stages from which guests can see and be seen.

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Fast facts

  • 3,000 passengers
  • 1,200 crew
  • 17 decks
  • 317 meters long, 37 meters wide

KONE Solutions

  • 4 KONE MonoSpace™ Passenger elevators
  • 8 KONE MiniSpace™ Scenic Passenger elevators
  • 1 KONE MiniSpace™ Service elevator
  • 8 KONE MonoSpace® Service elevators
  • 1 easy-access platform elevator
  • 1 dumbwaiter

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