HUS Helsinki University Hospital, Finland

Hospital elevators need to function without fault so patients, staff and supplies get where they need to be quickly. KONE 24/7 Connected Services uses AI to keep a round-the-clock vigil on elevators at Finland’s HUS Helsinki University Hospitals, detecting anomalies before anything seems amiss.


  • Location: Across southern Finland
  • Building type: Hospitals
  • Size: 20 hospitals with a combined area of 850,000 m2
  • Patient population: 1.6 million annually
  • KONE 24/7 Connected Services preventive maintenance since 2017
  • Building owner: HUS Helsinki University Hospital
  • Property manager: HUS Kiinteistöt Oy


  • Maximize operational efficiency and safety at the hospitals with the help of digital building solutions
  • Ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of all smart building solutions in order not to interfere with medical devices
  • Maximize elevator uptime and reliability so that patients, medical staff and supplies can move safety and smoothly when and where they need to in critical medical settings


  • Install the AI-based KONE 24/7 Connected Services system to monitor elevator performance in real time and alert maintenance technician to potential faults before they cause breakdowns
  • KONE 24/7 Connected Services is electromagnetic compatibility certified
  • KONE service technician stations near hospitals using the digital diagnostics system to detect and fix problems before they escalate


  • KONE Care™ maintenance for:
    - 295 passenger, patient and service elevators
    - 1 helipad elevator
  • KONE 24/7 Connected Services predictive maintenance system connected to all elevators
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HUS Helsinki University Hospital, Finland

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