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Auckland’s Sky Tower is the centerpiece of the SKYCITY Auckland complex and an iconic tourist attraction in its own right.


Thanks to 365-day opening, adventure activities like ‘SkyJump’ and ‘SkyWalk’ , a dining area that rotates 360 degrees and a premium restaurant by esteemed New Zealand celebrity chef Peter Gordon, demand for access to the Sky Tower has been steadily growing over the past few years. “An extremely busy, iconic tourist destination in New Zealand, it’s critical that visitors are able to use all of our facilities,” says Arron Money, Executive Manager Capital Development & Facilities at SKYCITY. “We wanted to partner with an escalator and elevator provider that really met our business needs and that complements our values in terms of modern technology, energy efficiency and a world-class experience. It was a really easy decision for us to partner with KONE on this project.”

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Building facts

  • Completed: 1997
  • Modernization: 2015
  • Height: 328m
  • Building owner: SKYCITY Entertainment Ltd

KONE solutions

  • 3 KONE Re-Generate™800
  • KONE Destination Control System
  • 1 KONE Long travel ReGenerate™ service elevator
  • KONE UltraRope® technology
  • KONE ReNova™
  • KONE ReVive™

Sky Tower

  • Every second of downtime is directly related to lower visitor volumes at this iconic entertainment complex
  • Eco-efficiency was a vital consideration for SKYCITY as a company strongly focused in protecting the environment
  • KONE UltraRope to speed the service elevator and improve people flow
  • A substantial weight reduction helping with energy efficiency
  • Building sway detection technology automates speed and a previously manual process

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