Our mission at KONE is to improve the flow of urban life. To capture the essence of urbanization, we bring you stories of people from 17 cities. Nikki Ramphal has lived in Johannesburg for 5 years now, but continues to be enchanted by the city’s multicultural facets.

“I feel Johannesburg is undergoing a rebirth. This is especially due to the recent renewal of the inner city. Braamfontien, Maboneng and Newtown represent a blend of different cultures and bring people together to enjoy the Johannesburg experience. My friends and I love these areas and most of our weekends are spent exploring the food, people and art. You can find amazing little coffee shops, local clothing boutiques, art galleries, city walking tours and stunning works of art scattered everywhere: on pavements, in parks, in front of buildings.

Also noticeable are the many community projects that are going on related to recycling, and helping the homeless and animals. People are finding fun ways to encourage the community to come together and help our environment as well as our fellow humans.

Before moving to Johannesburg five years ago, I lived in along the seaside in Durban. I still miss the ocean but I really love the vibrant feel of Johannesburg: there’s so much to do in this city. I also feel that due to the many different ethnicities and cultures, I feel that here you are free to be who you are. It’s amazing what you can learn in Johannesburg in one weekend. There is no judgment by anyone.”

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