An architect’s key to KONE Residential Flow

Architects, if anyone, know how simple things can make everyday life run smoother. Here’s your guide to KONE Residential Flow, a futureproof solution for today’s smart homes.

August 16, 2018.

In the process of planning residential buildings, we’re not only creating a house; we’re creating a home. With KONE Residential Flow solutions, architects can make a home that knows its residents like never before.

KONE Residential Flow enables:

  • opening doors using a smartphone as a key
  • elevator arriving and taking the resident to the home floor without the need to press a button
  • sharing information on residents’ smartphones and the building’s info screens
  • providing visitors with temporary electronic keys
  • welcoming visitors and deliveries even when the resident isn’t home
  • extra services, such as parcel lockers that notify residents of deliveries

KONE can provide elevators, access convenience, intercom systems and building doors, making them work seamlessly – and look good – together with no need for external suppliers. KONE minimizes the need for visible wires and cables between the different systems, and the equipment is simple to install and easy to maintain.

KONE Residential Flow improves safety in the building with:

  • intercom with a high-definition, night vision camera installed at the entrance
  • high level of vandal resistance for devices outside of the building (IK07 for touch screen tenant directory, IK08 for others)
  • operating temperature from Nordic winters to Saharan summers
  • dust and splashing water protection

KONE Residential Flow solution can be optimized to suit each building’s specific needs and is available for both new constructions and existing, including those with acknowledged historical value, buildings. If you want to hear more, don’t hesitate to contact your KONE presentative. Get in touch with us as soon as you’re planning either a new elevator or modernizing an existing one; we have a solution available for front doors or building doors and their automation with door operators. We can handle all the details from delivering equipment to installation and maintenance.

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An architect’s key to KONE Residential Flow

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An architect’s key to KONE Residential Flow

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