Taking the stress out of building management

Facility managers often have to handle multiple tasks at different locations, so how can smart building technologies make their lives easier and help them deliver a better service? KONE Residential Flow might well be the solution they have been waiting for.

Good building management is all about clear communication, delivering on your promises and making everyday life as easy as possible for your tenants. However, there are plenty of everyday hassles that can make a facility manager’s life harder than it needs to be. KONE interviewed more than 200 developers, facility managers and building residents around the world, to understand their challenges and needs related to people flow in a residential environment.

Smart building management that adds value


The findings show that facility managers spend most of their working time on regular, important tasks. Running around between different locations posting announcements on notice boards, dealing with complaints when tenants have missed important information about maintenance work, while taking care of keys and pass-codes and problems with access. Thanks to smart digital technologies, it doesn’t have to be this way.

KONE Residential Flow uses mobile and cloud technologies to connect building doors, elevators, information channels and intercom systems via an easy-to-use smartphone application. It helps tenants move around their building quickly and comfortably while simultaneously providing secure access control as well as communication tools. Facility managers can share important information with residents on screens and monitors, push notifications to a smartphone app and reduce hassle with digital key management. This can all be done remotely, instead of using hours of driving from one residential building to another, let alone finding a parking slot.

When everything runs smoothly, residents can focus on the things they should be doing, the building becomes a more attractive prospect to potential buyers and tenants, and facility managers can focus on delivering great service.
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Taking the stress out of building management

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Taking the stress out of building management

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