Diversity makes us unique, inclusion makes us powerful

Kaija Bridger, head of Talent Management at KONE, says diversity and inclusion give KONE a competitive edge.

At KONE, we strive to build and nurture an inclusive culture that promotes and values diversity. This drives our innovation and connects us closer to the customers and communities we serve.

Diversity at KONE essentially means having a versatile workforce made up of people with different backgrounds, education, nationalities, cultures and genders – you name it. At the end of the day, it covers a very broad spectrum of differences.

Inclusion is about valuing differences, and it is something that happens every day. It happens when you give credit to people for their ideas and contributions. It happens when you value that someone challenged or helped you. Inclusion happens when people make the effort of bringing people in rather than keeping people out.

We want everyone’s differences to be appreciated and our diverse team members to work well together. In 2018, we had employees representing more than 130 different nationalities. Together we make KONE a great place to work and cities better places to live.

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